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Name:The New Home of Chaser Slash
Website:The Chaser
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A slash comm for The Chaser
NB 30/12/11: This is an archive of the [ profile] chaserslash comm on LJ. All entries and comments have been imported over, and everything is still access-locked. If you want to read the fic, join the comm. If anyone who was a member of the LJ site wants to access their entries/comments and edit/delete them, log in via OpenID using your LJ username/password and you can control your stuff from there.

And if there's anything else you want to know, email the mod at

Community Info:
Welcome to the Chaser slash community. Come and celebrate the slashiness of our Chaser boys, since they don't seem to need much encouragement to cross-dress, get nekkid, or kiss each other. XD

While I have intended for this DW mirror to be more of an archive of a dead fandom, by all means, if anyone feels inspired to start it all up again, go for your life. I won't stop you.

This was founded by [personal profile] sashataakheru to keep the peace, as it were.

One: Membership is open.
TBH, the fandom is so dead, there's no point in screening anyone. Will ban if anyone causes trouble, but as this is an archive now, rather than an active site, well, yes. Stuff.

If you're coming from LJ, and your DW name is different from your LJ name, it would be nice if you could PM or email the mod account to let me know who you are.

Two: Credits
...I'll probably end up using that shiny layout by [community profile] shifgrethor here again, as I like it so much, but we'll see. Any layout credits will go here at any rate. :D

Three: Community Rules:
It's all very simple. We come in peace to share in the Chaser slash. Get nasty and I'll kick your arse into the ground and ban you. Concrit for fics and fanart is welcome, but flaming isn't. Trolling will not be tolerated.

Four: Things you're allowed to post:
- slashfic (anything over 100 words should be under a cut)
- slashy fanart (preview pic is fine, but large images should be put under a cut)
- any slashy news, stories, etc from tapings, live events, radio, TV, DVD commentary, etc.
- RP/roleplaying, if that's your thing. Sasha has dibs on Craig ([personal profile] wingedcasanova), and uni-era Andrew & Charles ([personal profile] wildwesthero). The rest are up for grabs.
- anything at all regarding The Chaser and their slashiness, pretty much.

Fics posted should contain at least this info:
Rating: (the preferred rating system is this one, however it won't be enforced)
Warnings (if any):
Author's Notes (if any)/Summary:

Plus anything else you wish to add. Fics must be flocked, tagged, rated and put under lj cuts. Otherwise, post whatever you like, as long as it's Chaser slash. Crossovers, AUs, whatever. It's all good.

Fiction and fanart remain the property of the respective authors and artists. Please do not post these works elsewhere without the owner's express permission.

Five: Things you're not allowed to post:
- anything not Chaser slash related
- anything purely Chaser related would be better posted at [ profile] cnnnn.
- community promotion without mod permission (email: chaserslashmods[at]
- anything else the mods deem irrelevant, hateful, off-topic or inappropriate.

Six: Maintainers:
The Chaser slash community is maintained by [personal profile] sashataakheru. All abuse, inquiries, membership requests, fanmail and Nigerian scams should go to [personal profile] sashataakheru at chaserslashmods[at]gmail[dot]com to be dealt with in whatever way they desire.
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